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What difference can you make
for the price of a cup of coffee?

Poverty and homelessness are serious issues for Lincoln.
We believe we can solve these problems, even put an end to them.


We have been working with the poor for 110 years.

In 2016 we helped nearly 33,000 different individuals with various services.


The resources to end poverty are primarily in the public.

Individuals, businesses, service and religious organizations giving money, time, and material possessions can change everything.


It doesn’t take people giving a lot to make a difference.

just a lot of people giving a little bit. We are asking people like you to commit to feeding one person one meal once a month. That’s it.


The cost to feed someone is only $2.51, the price of a cup of coffee.

Our plan is to connect with enough individuals to feed a majority of the homeless in our city.

Only $2.51

A simple way to love your neighbor

If we can accomplish that much with donations of just $2.51 then what else is possible? So much more!

Are you interested? If so join us in this exciting cause and together let’s find out what the price of a cup of coffee can do!

Start here to make it happen.

So, first of all thanks for the interest! As part of this campaign we have committed to producing 2:51 minute Facebook Live videos once each week that will give you lots of insight and understanding into why and how people deal with homelessness and poverty. To view them, just like our Facebook page below. Current plans are to go live every Friday at 4:00 pm. But if you miss it, we will store them in a library. Our pledge to you is making a great effort to keep these short videos compelling and thought provoking!!

God bless you, Pastor Tom